Toddler Program


Children will learn basic rules and routines, develop social skills and enjoy a variety of learning experiences. We promote activities that encourage them to play with other children in small groups and then slowly introduce them into larger groups. We consistently strive to provide a loving atmosphere that recognizes the needs of this diverse age group as they gain more and more independence. It is our goal that each toddler will recognize God’s love for them and be introduced to simple Bible stories while preparing them for preschool.
  • Ages: 8 months to 2 ½ years
  • Ratio: 1 to 5 (Teacher to Child)
A Little More

Features & Benefits


Small Class Sizes

Allowing more one-on-one care for your child’s everyday needs.

HiMama Tool

Get on the spot updates and photos about your child’s day.


From potty training to eating on their own we will help your child develop these new skills when they are ready to do so.